VR-09 Editor App Reviews

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Not Working iPad 2018

There seems to be issues connecting with the new iPad. Please help.

Somewhat broken with iOS 10.2

Don't know what's up, but with latest iOS this app doesn't transmit everything like it used to. None of the organ controls work--though the app receives changes, it won't transmit organ controls anymore. Plus, certain synth banks won't tell the app they're assigned to the upper part, and won't be editable. Keyboard is awesome, just wish the editor would be fixed, or a desktop editor made available.


Are we going to see the Legendary Roland Jupiter-8 on our iPads anytime soon???

Hi my name is William

I have know idea how to use it because I just got it Will someone please help me? , PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for making it free! Awesome app. Loads of fun.


So freakin awesome... Period... Best app to mess around with music

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